Culture Assessments, culture change, and Performance improvement.

Confidential, comprehensive, and continuing analysis through written surveys, focused interviews, and expert interpretation are the foundation of our human resources consulting.  Because each company is different, we can deliver culture assessments that lead to custom solutions and help you manage your one-of-a-kind challenges or speed up the process of organizational culture change and safety culture change.

What you can expect: a detailed punch list of action items and a step-by-step guide to optimizing YOUR organizational culture leading to increased profits, measurably improved communication, teamwork, employee morale and retention, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Culture Checkup

Dr. Thomas E. (TED) BOYCE, is a professional speaker, educator, author, and business coach. He is currently President and Senior Consultant with the Center for Behavioral Safety, LLC.  Dr. Boyce has been providing cost-effective safety and culture change training to the U.S. mining and manufacturing industries for over 20 years. His executive book, The Psychology of Leadership: Awaken Your Work Culture’s Full Potential in 2 Science-Based Steps is available at: Learn more at and or contact Dr. Boyce directly at  

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